Get paid to teach a class

Classmakr makes it very easy to get paid to teach a class or multiple classes. You can even bundle multiple classes into one price.

Connect your site to a live domain

Classmakr makes it easy for you to connect your domain to Classmakr software. This makes it so that you can brand your self outside of Classmakr.

Drag and drop page editor

Classmakr makes it easy to edit and style your page styles to your site using the best drag and drop editor, Elemenmtor. Elementor is a WordPress editor that is used by the most popular website in the world.

Bill customers one time, monthly or yearly

Classmakr makes it easy to charge your clients one time, yearly, and month. We even make it easy to give your clients 7 day or 14 days trails!

Create a free class to collect emails

Sometimes you want to get people in the door by collecting their email. Classmakr makes it easy to create free courses so that you can later upset your users to your paid classes.

Customer login area

After signing up for your free or paid class, your customer gets their own account area where then can access their classes, edit billing credit card detail and or cancel their subscription.

We don’t take a cut from your profits

The profits you make form your website are your profits. We also make it easy to collect payments by using Stripe, Square, Paypal, and Authoze.net.

Add a quiz to your class lessons

Make sure your students know your material by giving them a quiz before moving on to the next lesson. (This is optional)

Upload DOCS to each of your lesson

Allow your users to download documentation within your class lessons by uploading PDFs, Docs, and so on.

Create live classes

Classmakr makes it easy to get paid to teach live classes! You can schedule your class to go live and stream it from your phone or computer.

Chat live within your live lessons

Chat live with your users while teaching a live class is very helpful when trying to engaged and take questions form the audience.

Bundle your classes into one price

Classmakr makes it easy to bundle up multiple classes and sell them all at one price.

Create a trial period

Sell your classes with a trial period and then charge them later (you can give your users a 7-day or 14-day trial)

Customize your outgoing emails

Make sure that the tone of your outgoing email matches your brand’s message by customizing your outgoing email notifications.

Create coupon code for your users

Incentivize your users to buy by creating coupon codes for your classes.

Video class lesson privacy

We make sure that no one can access your video unless they are registered for your class.

Mobile and tablet responsive layouts

Within our drag and drop editor, you can switch to mobile view and tweak every element to make it look perfect on any device.

Live video email notifications

Classmakr helps you send notification reminders to your users to remind them join your live class after they sign up.

Analytics tracking code area

Classmakr makes it easy for you to add y your tracking codes like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc. to your site.

24/7 email and chat support

Classmakr give your the support when you need it most. We are here standing by when you have a question.

Weekly auto site backups

Classmakr creates weekly site backups to ensure help make sure your site is running smoothly.

Video tutorials

We have created a collection of helpful video tutorials to make sure you  keep growing your site.